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     Carroll County Volleyball Club (CCVC) is a non profit organization of volleyball devotees which include student athletes, coaches, referees, adult helpers and parents from more than 50 families. Participating student athletes are ages 10 to 18. Although we are based on the line of Carroll and Baltimore County, Maryland, we accept athletes from all areas of Maryland.


     CCVC was founded by Pat Larson in the 90’s. The club was formed to support multi-sport athletes in enhancing their skills and knowledge of the volleyball game during the off season. The CCVC members belong to and are sanctioned by Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) which is one of 40 Regional Volleyball Associations (RVAs) of USA Volleyball (USAV), a national association.


      Over the years CCVC has been very successful. In particular, the father and son team of David and Bryan Trumbo, have been successful in coaching teams that compete at the HIGHEST LEVEL OF COMPETITION in the CHRVA Region. David Trumbo, head coach of Stevenson University Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team and head coach of the first D3 Beach Volleyball Team, won the 18’s OPEN at the 2007-2008 Capitol Hill Classic, as well as several other local tournaments. Likewise, in 2013-2014, Bryan Trumbo, head coach of the Century High School’s Varsity Volleyball Team, won the 17’s Club at the Capitol Hill Classic along with several wins at other local tournaments.


     Recently, beginning with the 2014-2015 club season, CCVC is focused on starting players at a younger age. This was the Club’s first season where a U12 team was taken.


     Our mission for the younger age groups is to expose beginning athletes to the game, while teaching them the fundamental volleyball skills. It is expected that players will learn the correct way to play volleyball while gaining interest and enthusiasm for the sport and, of course, HAVE FUN!


     The Club’s mission for the older age groups is to instill an understanding of team play, commitment, hard work, and the value of winning. It is expected that players will improve their skills and knowledge of the game through competition. This mission will support our student athletes as they compete at the high school level in Maryland’s Public and Private Schools and as they enter the college of their choice.


     Our support extends to the families of our student athletes by keeping the club cost at a level that is favorable to today’s economic conditions.

If you need more information, or have any questions, please contact us.

For further information not covered on the website, contact  Bryan Trumbo our Club Director. ​

For information concerning our website design, contact our JS Site Designer.

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